About Us

CaptureH.F.P. Engineering (Nigeria) Limited was incorporated in 1979 as a private limited liability company. The company is also registered as a Category ā€œDā€œ contractor with the Lagos State Government and Federal Ministry of Works ā€“ this is the highest category of registration for construction companies under both the Lagos State Government and the Federal Ministry of Works.

H.F.P has provided thousands of houses for Nigeria families built schools for Nigerian children, constructed industrial areas, developed revolutionary new housing projects, established hospitals, laid hundreds of kilometers of roads across the country.

HFP is a building and civil engineering company, which specializes in conventional building construction techniques, prefabrication system, infrastructure construction and development, as well as electro-mechanical projects. The Company has played a pivotal role in improving Nigerian infrastructure and raising housing and construction standards across Nigeria. HFP is a leading Nigerian brand reputed for spearheading the revolution in mixed residential and commercial development in the country. HFP has a 30 year track record of unparalleled achievements in the Nigerian construction and civil engineering industry.

Our Business

  • Development and construction of medium scale housing;
  • Development and construction of commercial offices;
  • Development and construction of large scale commercial markets
  • Prefabrication of, kerb stones, building blocks, precast concrete elements and roof tiles;
  • Construction and development of road infrastructure;
  • Site and services development of mixed use Estates